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Joints and Turmeric, a successful combination to stay active

They allow us to move our whole body, from the simplest to the most complicated of exercises and we are not always aware of their workload. Joints are our foundation, but do we take care of them as they deserve?

We are so used to bending our knees, elbows, back, hips or feet that we do not realize that thanks to our joints and their perfect functioning, we can lead an active life and enjoy good health. And it is that together with bones, they are the foundations of our body, that is why any problem or lack, has a direct impact on our well-being.

Their care is associated with elite athletes or older people, but nothing is further from reality, since keeping them healthy is vital for all of us. 


Sacred powder, spice of life, Indian gold ... It is a species recognized and admired in natural medicine since time immemorial to which multiple benefits are attributed, being the anti-inflammatory properties of the most demanded. Its "names" also correspond to its intense yellow color, which is used as a food coloring.

If we take into account that it is an antioxidant, that it helps in the healing process, that it is diuretic, improves digestion and the immune system, that it is a natural antidepressant and that of course there is no arthritis pain that can resist it, it seems logical that it is the most studied medicinal plant in the world.

Piperine improves absorption of turmeric

When combined with the fruit of black pepper, turmeric improves its absorption rate. This is because piperine - the active ingredient in black pepper - improves the delivery of nutrients through the intestine. In this way, we improve our body's ability to absorb turmeric and thus enhance its positive effect on us.

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