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MAGNESIUM the relaxing mineral

Think of magnesium as the relaxing mineral. Anything that is carved, irritated, twitching, cramping, and stiff, whether in the body or the emotions, is a sign of magnesium deficiency.

This mineral is responsible for more than 300 enzymatic reactions and is found in all tissues, but mainly your bones, muscles, and brain. You need it within your cells for energy and many chemical reactions that stabilize membranes and help muscle relax. For this reason, the list of conditions associated with magnesium deficiency is so long, in fact there are more than 3500 medical references on magnesium deficiency.

Despite this, magnesium is widely ignored because it is not a medicine; however, it is stronger than medicine, which is why it is used in the emergency room during seizures or heart attacks. You are likely magnesium deficient if you have any of the following conditions:

Muscle spasms or cramps
Sensitivity to loud sounds
Attention deficit
Angina pectoris
Anal spasms
Chronic fatigue
Kidney stones
High pressure
Premenstrual syndrome
Menstrual cramps
Irritable bladder
Irritable bowel syndrome
Gastric reflux
Difficulty to swallow
High inflammation

In our society, magnesium deficiency is a big problem. According to conservative standards for its measurement (in blood or serum), 65% of the people admitted to the emergency room have magnesium deficiency. But this seriously underestimates the problem, because serum magnesium levels are the LEAST sensitive of all, so the rate of deficiency could be much higher.

The reason why we are so deficient is very simple: most of us consume a diet that contains practically no magnesium, that is, high in processed foods; refined, especially white flour; processed meat and dairy products are also processed, and none of these contain magnesium.


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