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Magnesium deficiency in Athletes

Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients for the body's energy production. Imagine shaking hands with someone, and shortly after, you feel like you can't do anything for the rest of the day, your muscles are weak, and your body lacks energy. This is what would happen if you didn't have magnesium in your body. This mineral participates in energy production, as well as 300 other reactions in the body, including relaxation and muscle stimulation. If you exercise a lot the risk of magnesium deficiency increases.

Researchers have found magnesium losses in marathon runners. One study revealed that they had less magnesium in their urine after a competition than before. The body needs more energy during exercise, and therefore up to 20 percent more magnesium.

Some symptoms of magnesium deficiency in athletes can be the following: numbness, muscle cramps, headaches, problems with concentration and poor performance.

Also magnesium helps build muscle. This mineral stimulates protein biosynthesis, a process that allows muscle growth. British researchers observed in a study that volunteers who took magnesium supplements for a year after training were able to build more muscle. Magnesium also supports fat loss. The mineral strengthens the activity of enzymes that break down fat.

For all the aforementioned, it is recommended to take magnesium orally or transdermally after exercise.

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