Relax and Boost your immune system with our Magnesium capsules this Summer - Val Supplements

Relax and Boost your immune system with our Magnesium capsules this Summer

Magnesium keeps the immune system strong, helps strengthen muscles and bones, and supports many body functions from cardiac functions to brain functions.  Taking a magnesium supplement may help increase magnesium levels in those who have a higher risk of deficiency or don't consume enough through their diet.
Magnesium also plays a key role in regulating the body's stress-response system. Magnesium deficiency is associated with heightened stress and anxiety. Magnesium supplementation has been shown to alleviate stress by diminishing the stress reaction, reducing the production of stress hormones including cortisol. Mg helps to moderate the response to stress, therefore, a lack of this vital mineral would end up causing more stress to the individual.
Be Healthy with our Magnesium Capsules! 
Magnesium Glycinate, Citrate, Taurate & B6 | Maximum Absorption & Bioavailability | Magnesium Deficiency Treatment | Stress Relief | Natural Pain Relief | No Laxative Effect | Non-GMO | 90 caps
In addition to taking care of yourself, we want you to remember the basics of social distancing to have a safe and healthy summer
  • Keep at least six feet of distance from other people if you can.
  • Wear a cloth mask that covers your mouth and nose if you're able to, and don't take it off while you're out. This prevents you from coughing, sneezing and breathing out the virus if you're asymptomatic.
  • Wash your hands -- 20 seconds, with soap and water -- before, during and after your trip to a public place.
  • Don't go out if you feel sick or have come in contact with someone who's sick. Older adults and people with chronic illnesses should stay home, too.
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