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Transdermal Medicine Benefits

Transdermal medicine is a versatile form of medicine everyone can use and benefit from. With transdermal medicine we can address systemic nutritional deficiencies, act to improve immune, hormonal and nervous systems, protect cells from oxidative damage, open up cell wall permeability, reduce the risk of cancers, shrink tumors and do just about anything else we do with oral and intravenous drugs. Now imagine receiving your medical treatment right in the comfort of your own home.

What better way to reduce or eliminate pain then by simply rubbing magnesium chloride substance directly onto the skin or affected area of the body? From the pain of sports injuries to low back pain and sciatica, headaches, relief from kidney stones, the pain of restless legs, arthritic pain, and just about every painful condition imaginable will in all likely hood benefit from medicines applied topically.

1 teaspoon of VAL Lombardi Magnesium Cream brings you 60 mg of Magnesium Chloride that go directly to your cells.

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