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The benefits of magnesium in helping patients with osteoarthritis

Doctors at Tongji University, Shanghai, China published their research in the medical journal Life sciences on the benefits of magnesium in helping patients with osteoarthritis. Here is what they said:

  • Magnesium is widely involved in human physiological processes (inflammation) that may play key roles in the generation and progression of diseases.
  • Magnesium deficiency is considered to be a major risk factor for osteoarthritis development and progression.
  • Magnesium deficiency is active in several pathways that have been implicated in osteoarthritis, including:
    • increased inflammatory mediators,
    • cartilage damage,
    • defective chondrocyte biosynthesis (you don’t make good cartilage),
    • calcification in soft tissue,
    • and a weakened effect of analgesics (magnesium makes painkillers work better, a subject that you need to discuss with your doctor).
  • Abundant evidence in animal models now suggests that the nutritional supplementation or injection of magnesium represent effective therapies for osteoarthritis.

A second team of Chinese researchers writing in the journal PLOS Public Library of Science one, looked at  cross-sectional associations between dietary magnesium intake and radiographic knee osteoarthritis, joint space narrowing, and osteophytes (bone spurs).

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