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Magnesium for A-Fib and Mitral Valve Prolapse

I had A-Fib and Mitral Valve Prolapse. My life has been hell, and I often considered suicide. Arrhythmia is something that destroys your life and induces fear and anxiety. I have tried beta blockers, cardiac specific and non-specific, but they didn’t help me for long. In fact, they eventually made my condition worse.

I eventually put myself on 3 grams of Magnesium, 1 gram in the morning, 1 during the day, and 1 at night. My A-Fib has stopped completely.

I have concluded that I did not have A-Fib but was suffering from a Magnesium deficiency. I suffered from complete magnesium depletion for a very long period. I think this was because I suffered from panic and anxiety most of my life—this depletes your Magnesium.

I’m not here to tell people Magnesium will cure their A-Fib. I am just here to say that I have been cured by Magnesium.
And the final and most important note is that the Magnesium has to be in chelated form. Not isolated Magnesium!!! It has to be bound to amino acids. Magnesium Chloride is useless!!! Only Magnesium Chelate worked for me.

I hope this helps someone. Magnesium has literally stopped me from ending my own life.”

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