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Stop the vicious circle of stress with Magnesium

In today’s world, stress seems to be an inevitable part of modern life, especially during these times of uncertainty due to the current pandemic. However, for some people, stress can have a particularly negative effect on their lives, behavior, and relationships. Stress may also be a predecessor for physical and mental health problems.

Stress can deplete magnesium levels, as can a high consumption of tea, coffee & alcohol. Stress hormones also contribute to reduced stomach acid and poor digestion which reduces the ability to absorb magnesium and other vital nutrients. Exercise can also increase your magnesium requirements. If you are stressed, whether physical or emotional, you actually need more magnesium than usual to keep your muscles relaxed and keep your nervous system going. The irony is that during times of stress, you excrete more magnesium, leaving your stores of magnesium depleted which can leave you feeling anxious, uptight and can even affect your sleep. This results in a vicious cycle, whereby stress lowers your magnesium levels and low magnesium levels increase your stress!

To break this vicious stress cycle, it may be necessary to take some supplemental magnesium. There are many different forms of magnesium and having the correct form of magnesium is extremely important when it comes to supplementation.

VAL® Life Balance Magnesium supplement includes a combination of Magnesium and vitamin B6 is currently indicated for the prevention and treatment of magnesium deficiency and associated symptoms including stress, fatigue, anxiety, and nervousness

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