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Pressure points for better sleep!

A great deal of people have trouble sleeping. Many resort to using sleep aids to help them attain shuteye, including taking pills. Unfortunately, sleeping pills are not generally a long-term option, as they can upset people’s natural sleep cycle. A far better alternative is to use a natural method when trying to get to sleep such as acupressure, which involves applying pressure with your thumb or fingers to specific areas of your body.

Acupressure for better sleep

This ancient art, much like acupuncture, works on a meridian system similar to a map. It is thought that when people suffer from ailments such as insomnia, energy lines that run through their body are blocked. Stimulating pressure points relating to particular health problems can help release energy so that health can be restored.

While acupuncture, as its name suggests, entails puncturing the skin at certain points, acupressure relies on applying pressure to achieve similar effects. Stimulating pressure points relating to relaxation and stress relief can help promote healthful sleep.

Behind your ear

Anmien, a pressure point located above your jaw, and behind your ear, working towards the area just before your neck, is said to help promote serene, relaxing sleep. You will know when you’ve found the right place to apply pressure with your index and central finger, as they will rest in a tender depression in the described location. Hold this position for up to twenty minutes for beneficial results. The pressure used should be strong enough for you to recognize, but not be uncomfortable or difficult to maintain.

Your wrist

The inner gate, sometimes referred to as Neiguan, can be highly successful when used to alleviate insomnia. This pressure point is thought to relax the spirit and calm an over-active mind. Use three fingers to apply pressure underneath your wrist at its base. Between your tendons in this location is a hollow, and this is the correct position.

Interestingly, there are also pressure points located in the creases of your wrists if you follow down from your little finger, or thumb. Therefore, the wrist is a prime area that can help with sleep.

The ball of your foot

Beneath the ball of your foot is a pressure point that can help you relax and get to sleep more easily. Use your thumb to apply pressure, and gently massage this area until you feel very calm and restful.

Above your toes

Use your index finger to massage the point that can be located three thumb tips in width up your foot, from the area between your big toe and the next toe along. Sleep should eventually follow.

Acupressure is a great way of achieving sleep naturally, without having to resort to expensive treatments or pills. You can easily work on the pressure points that promote sleep by yourself. Alternatively, you can always ask a friend to lend you a hand.

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