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Magnesium to show impeccable skin

You have tried serums, creams and different products that do not offer the results you expected for your skin. Surely, your skin needs other nutrients and properties. And it is that in your facial routine you should not only keep your face clean, exfoliated and hydrated, since facial care goes much further and must also come from within. Surely you know the benefits of Vitamin C and Collagen for your skin, but what about magnesium?

Yes, magnesium is the key your skin needs to show off spectacular skin. Homemade masks and other creams can provide nutrients and hydration in your day to day, but magnesium works from the inside and the properties of this miraculous mineral will leave you speechless. We all know that drinking 2 liters of water a day and eating a healthy and balanced diet is the formula to show off perfect skin. But ... have you thought about adding magnesium to your routine? Well, it is what you need and we will tell you why.



Magnesium is an essential mineral for the functioning of our body, helps in physical exercise, repairs cells, in short, the benefits of magnesium are almost infinite.

Some foods that are rich in magnesium are vegetables, bananas, nuts or legumes, among many others. But you can also get it through our magnesium dietary supplement VAL to enjoy the benefits of this miraculous mineral. So ... what are you waiting for to include them in your day to day routine?


As we have said previously, the benefits of magnesium are multiple and your skin will also benefit from it. If, despite using facial treatments, you feel your skin dry, prone to wrinkles, it is because you need to give life to your skin. Magnesium is responsible for lowering fatty acid levels that maintains skin hydration. Repairs and regulates cell regeneration, being protected from external agents and also helping to detoxify the epidermis.

You should know that, in addition to regenerating your skin, it also fights allergies and the dreaded acne. The occasional use of products and treatments to combat granites may not give the results you expect, but magnesium will change the rules for those who suffer from this problem. It will provide the formula that your skin needs to fight acne and also stabilize hormonal changes. Can it be more wonderful?

Now that you know the benefits of magnesium to restore the vitality of your skin, attack all problems from the root and stimulate the activity of your cellular metabolism. If you take care of your skin from the inside to the outside, you will see that everything changes, you will prevent premature aging and you will finally show off that radiant, soft, hydrated and most importantly, healthy skin.

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