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The Biggest Magnesium Killers

1. Alcohol: Even a decilitre of wine will eliminate almost half of a carefully prepared small glass of magnesium chloride. An alcoholic therefore cannot absorb as much magnesium chloride as is required to protect against the emergence of degenerated cells.

2. Smoking: Nicotine kills magnesium. If you smoke, you will have little idea of the havoc being wreaked in your body.

3. Stress: A common evil of modern society. Stress at the office, road rage, trouble in the family: every stressful situation burns up additional magnesium.

Other causes of a deficiency (and therefore requiring a higher dosage) are: disease, particularly inflammations, prolonged fever.

As we age, our requirement increases because our immune system makes greater demands on magnesium. An increased need also results from taking medicines such as Cortisone or antibiotics and psychotherapeutic drugs; any kind of diet, bulimia and operations, particularly narcosis; in pregnancy, especially when there is vomiting; when taking hormones of any kind; this also goes for the pill.

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