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Transdermal magnesium therapy in sports medicine

Transdermal magnesium therapy in particular offers an exciting breakthrough in sports medicine. Coaches can now treat injuries, prevent them, and increase athletic performance all at the same time. Transdermal magnesium chloride mineral therapy enhances recovery from athletic activity or injuries. It reduces pain and inflammation while propagating quicker regeneration of tissues. Topical application of magnesium chloride increases flexibility, which helps avoid injury. It also increases strength and endurance. Transdermal Magnesium Therapy is a boon for athletes, coaches and doctors who practice sports medicine.

Our VAL Magnesium Roll-on is a combination of pure Magnesium Chloride from the Zechstein Seabed, 1% Menthol and Proprietary herbal blend of Chamomile, Camphor, Arnica, Rosemary, Horse Chestnut, Comfrey, Arruda, Cinchona officinalis and Ginkgo Biloba to improve your health and give you a VAL Lifestyle.

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